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Meet The Region 8 Artist: Nicole Duet

Nicole Duet is Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting and Chair of Studio Art at Louisiana Tech University School of Design. She is an observation-based painter and illustrator working in a variety of media including oil painting, watercolor, and silverpoint. Her studio practice is grounded in her curiosity over the reliability of perception, and in her long-held belief that the greatest potential for discovery emerges through “noticing what we notice.” As a contemporary realist interested in narrative, Duet’s work explores the ways in which identity is shaped by perception, and the influence that perception has on our inner and outer worlds. She believes painting is a way of finding one’s way through and communicating the indefiniteness of experience. 

Nicole has exhibited work in museums and galleries nationwide including CSU Los Angeles, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Masur Museum, and the Dishman Museum at Lamar University. Her work is in the public collections of CSU Long Beach and Los Angeles City College. She earned her BA in Theater from California State University Northridge and her MFA in Drawing and Painting from CSU Long Beach.

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