Arts Entrepreneurial Training Program

Visual Artist Business Boot Camp

The Arts Council’s mission is “to nurture a vibrant regional arts culture through support, promotion and education.” While children’s arts education is very important to us, we also believe in furthering the education and professional development of artists and arts organizations throughout our region.

Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn series is part of the Arts Council’s arts entrepreneurial training program, which equips artists and arts organizations with business skills to assist with professional development. Lunch & Learn lectures are brown bag style presentations on various topics, including public relations, income taxes, approaching museums and galleries, and more.

At the Arts Council’s first Lunch & Learn, 19 organizations and 26 individuals benefited. To be the first to RSVP to Lunch & Learn, be sure to sign up for the Arts Council e-newsletter here.

Northeast Louisiana Arts Summit

Also under the Arts Entrepreneurial Training Program includes the Northeast Louisiana Arts Summit. At the Arts Summit, guests delved into board development, organizational branding, and grant writing. Stay tuned for details on the 2019 Northeast Louisiana Arts Summit.

Professional Development

In spring 2018, the Arts Council partnered with the Ella Project, a Louisiana non-profit dedicated to partnering artists with pro-bono lawyers. The Ella Project led a Visual Artist Business Boot Camp, where artists learned about copyright law, social media marketing, and art pricing. One artist who attended was inspired to create a professional website and Facebook page. One week later, she had already sold five pieces and received four commissions!

The Arts Council believes that training artists and arts organizations benefits our regional economy, furthers our arts culture, and makes art more accessible.