Herons on the Bayou

We are thrilled to announce the largest, most widespread public art project to hit Ouachita Parish!

This project will revolve around unique sculptures that will stand 6-7 feet tall and act as beacons throughout our community. Memphis has Tigers, New Orleans has Bead Dogs and Street Cars, and Slidell has Pelicans. Our sculpture will be a Heron, inspired by the Blue Heron that can be found in this area.

We are asking our community to help make this project a reality by becoming sponsors for the Herons. Each sponsor that makes a donation of $2500.00 will receive a one of a kind Heron. The Heron sculptures we are making will all be identical at first, but each one will end up a unique work of art, created by our talented local artists.

Our community will be invited to submit possible designs for the Herons. We will host a competition for our local schools, art programs, art instructors, college art students, university art students and any community member young and old that has an original design concept that they can bring to fruition in paint or mosaic. Artists will submit design ideas and our Sponsors will be given the opportunity to select the design that best suits them. As an incentive to our sponsors, we are allowing the sponsors to select from the submitted and approved designs based on the order in which we receive their sponsorship.

Our hopes and goals are to see this project grab the hearts of our community from the very beginning. We want our Herons to find homes all throughout our community.

These 3D renderings show how our heron sculpture will be created. Metal legs will be added to connect the sculpture to a concrete base.

Submit A Design!

1. Download our artist entry form and template packet.

2. Create your designs manually or digitally on the template, including your name and the title of the design on the template sheet. Artists can submit an unlimited amount of designs.

3. Email your designs and completed artist entry to heronsonthebayou@gmail.com by 5:00 PM, December 7, 2018. You can bring your completed forms and templates by the Garrett House (520 S. Grand St., Monroe, LA) Tuesday, December 4 between 9 AM and 2 PM, or during the Downtown Gallery Crawl December 6 between 5 and 9 PM.

4. Selected artists will be notified by January 11, 2018

These are examples from other citywide projects across the country. The possibilities for unique artistic designs are endless!

Become a Sponsor!

Download our Sponsor Commitment to begin the process.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Payment and Signed Sponsorship Agreement are due by December 21, 2018.


Apply for Herons with Heart today!


When Herons on the Bayou began, the plan was to simply be able to fund the creation and implementation of the Herons. Now that we are off and running we are thrilled to get to see how this project can actually give back to our community! It is so exciting to know that not only will our goals be reached and exceeded for the number of Herons being placed, but we will be able to help some local organizations along the way.

We have some amazing non-profits in our area that consistently show us how important giving is. These organizations have shown the value of being civic minded in our small towns. The services these non-profits offer include helping our underprivileged, feeding those in need, supporting families, providing services to beautify and much more. We know how important these organizations are and without them we would not thrive.

The Herons On The Bayou Team wants to take this opportunity to show support to 5 of our local Non-Profits. We are calling this aspect to the project Herons With Heart.

The Process:

We will begin accepting applications for our 5 Herons With Heart starting December 1, 2018. The deadline to submit is February 1, 2019.

We ask that the Non-Profit fill out this form giving us the basic info about the Organization. Then we ask the applicant to tell us a little about the Non-Profit including the mission and purpose therein. Lastly we would like to know how you could use funding to further help serve our community (the more specific, the better.) We would love to know if you have a special project or future plans for something new that the funds could go toward.

The chosen Non-Profits will not only receive financial support but will also become the Home for a Heron!

Our committee will select up to 5 artists to paint the Herons With Hearts. These Herons will be painted to reflect the imagery, message, vision and mission of the chosen Non-Profit. Upon completion the 5 Herons will be displayed for all to see along with all of our other Sponsored Herons at the Great Reveal Party in June. The 5 Herons With Heart will be auctioned off at the Celebration and all proceeds will go directly to the organization. Our committee will guarantee a minimum of $500 will go to each Non-Profit. After the celebration the Heron will then be placed at a location of the Non-Profit’s choosing. The Patron of the Heron will have their information proudly displayed on the plaque of the Heron and will be listed on all of our printed material, maps, and website.

Click here to download application.




Brooke Foy, Assistant Professor

The University of Louisiana Monroe


City of West Monroe • Downtown Arts Alliance
Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau


Northeast Louisiana Arts Council • Downtown West Monroe Revitalization Group
West Monroe – West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce • Monroe Chamber of Commerce

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