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Artist Opportunities

Part of our mission is providing opportunity and access for those within the Region 8 arts community. We do that through a variety of resources and we are constantly looking for ways to grow those resources. If you as an artist have access to a resource we can share with the rest of Region 8, please email!


The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council is thrilled to announce the call for artists for “Roots + Reflecting”, a juried exhibition that invites visual artists from around the region.

Conditions for Participation

The theme of this visual art juried exhibition is “Roots + Reflecting”, exploring and honoring the people, places and life happenings that have helped shape you into who you as individuals have become or are becoming. This exhibition is meant to be a visual telling of those stories. Your stories.

-   Artists must reside in one of the following parishes: Caldwell, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union, and West Carroll.
-   Artists should be of 18 years or above in order to submit.
-   Artists may submit up to two original works.
-   Images, dimensions, title and an "about" are required for all submissions.
-   Images submitted with the application must be in JPEG files less than 5MB in size.
-   Images of accepted works may be used at the sole discretion of MFA for promotional purposes including but not limited to the invitation, catalog, website, or on a subsequent year’s prospectus. Image will include attribution whenever possible.
-   Both 2D and 3D visual art, including sculpture, will be considered. All 2D works must be properly wired to hang.


NOW | Artist Call Open

1 JULY 2024 | Deadline for Entries

8 JULY 2024 | Winner Notification Week Begins

15 JULY 2024 | Drop-off and Installation Week Begins

1 AUGUST 2024 | Exhibition Opening Night

5 SEPTEMBER 2024 | Exhibition Last Day

9 SEPTEMBER 2024 | Deinstallation Week Begins


This is a juried exhibition art call for artists working in, but not limited to, the following mediums: painting, printmaking, fiber, sculpture, digital, photography, graphic, and mixed media. The jurors will be selecting the work for the virtual exhibition based on theme, quality of work and technical skill.

-   A maximum of 2 original works.
-   Works may be no larger than 60 x 60 inches and no smaller than 5 x 7 inches, including frame or base.
-   Works previously show in the gallery will not be accepted.
-   Works can be representational or abstract.
-   Work must be original in concept and design and created by the artist without instructor guidance.
-   No commercially produced or reproduced artwork will be accepted unless part of a mixed media artwork or collage.
-   Film, video, AI generated art, installation art or performance art are not accepted.
-   Each artist must provide a 100-300 word description of each submitted piece of their work, highlighting inspiration and creative processes.
-   The Arts Council asks that in keeping with community standards, no sexually explicit works be submitted. For further clarification on those standards, you may contact the office.


The deadline for submission is July 1st, 2024 at 5pm.



There is no entry fee.


All work entered into the exhibition will be listed for sale unless prior agreements are made between the artist and the Arts Council, and should be marked either with a price, POR for Price On Request or NFS for Not For Sale. The Arts Council processes all sales, and payment from sold work will be mailed to the artist within 30 days after the close of the exhibition. The Arts Council retains 25% from all sales. Sale of artwork is taxable and all Louisiana sales tax processing will be handled by the Arts Council. Sold artwork requiring shipment will be handled by the artist with costs collected from buyer. Buyers will be asked that sold work be retained by the Arts Council until the exhibit ends. 


All work delivered to the gallery must have the following information affixed to the non-viewing side of artwork:
-   Artist Name
-   Address, phone number, and email
-   Title of the work, medium and price. Be specific with medium descriptions (e.g., oil on hardboard or canvas, not oil; chromogenic print or archival ink jet print, not photography or digital print; oil pastel on paper, not pastel; etc.)
-   Name of the show the work is in

Work must arrive on scheduled dates. Paintings must be dry. Measurements submitted must include any framing. 

Work not in compliance will not be exhibited. No exceptions.


The Arts Council strives to provide a professional exhibition space and asks artists to present their artwork professionally as well. The work must conform to the following standards unless otherwise stated for a particular exhibition. Artwork will not be installed if improperly presented or misrepresented.

-   Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed (clip frames not allowed) and under glass or Plexiglas when appropriate (Plexiglas must be on work over 24”x30”).
-   Artwork that is intentionally unframed, such as stretched canvas, must have well-finished painted edges. Edges cannot be taped. Mats, if used, must be well cut and clean.
-   All photographic prints must be signed and numbered.
-   All work must be equipped for safe installation; gallery personnel will determine safety.
-   Works considered as being too fragile for handling by gallery personnel will not be accepted.
-   All wall and suspended work must be equipped with a secure wire hanging system. The Arts Council does not supply framing, hardware, or wire.
-   The Arts Council does not currently offer display materials for 3D work; if submitting 3D, please discuss display needs with the gallery prior to application.
-   When 2D or 3D work is unusually heavy or difficult to handle, timely assistance may be required of the artist. Prior notice is required for any 3D works exceeding 50 pounds, and 2D work exceeding 20 pounds to ensure gallery floor or wall can bear weight load. All 3D work must fit through a standard single door.

Pickup & Storage

You must pick up your work no later than 3pm on the Wednesday following closing day of the exhibit, or notify the gallery if you will be late.

Unless previous arrangements have been made, work will be placed in storage after announced pickup dates. Work left in storage longer than four (4) weeks shall become property of the Arts Council and may be used for fundraising purposes. There are no exceptions.

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