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Meet The Region 8 Artist: Benicia King

Benicia King, Region 8 visual artist

Seattle born and raised in Grambling, LA by a Los Angeles native single mother, photographer, photo editor, and business woman, Benicia King has multiple cultural influences that reflect upon her work. With her family’s bicoastal legacy, she creates from an ethereal place combining her experiences of entertainment, portraiture, and fine art. Her strong use of shadows and light reflect from her perspective of embracing all facets of human beings - ”We all have a light and dark side to ourselves, no matter how hard we try to maintain an image or persona.“ Along with this, her fine art projects continue to grow around identity, black & southern culture, and family history.

While earning her BA in Photography and Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and Grambling State University, the 29-year old has received the Visual Arts Award in 2019 from the Fine Arts Club of Pasadena and was included in previous exhibitions at the Masur Museum, New Orleans African American Museum, Stella Jones Gallery, Superposition Gallery, Human Resources LA, and more.

Home & work bases: Grambling, LA and Los Angeles, CA.
Languages: English & Intermediate Italian
For commissions: or
* image by Amina El Kabbany
*bio by the artist

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