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Edmund Williamson

Honoring A Legend & Bringing The Dragonfly Home

Edmund Williamson. A name that's recognized both in and outside of the Region 8 arts community. A renowned multimedia artist and friend to many, Edmund set out to bring art to the masses through his large, vibrant public sculptures and installations. In addition to his daring community sculptures and dynamic installations, the multifaceted artist was also known for his paintings, portraits, graphic design, and murals. When he passed away in 2009 he left behind a body of work as visually impressive as it is beloved by the community.

He is also credited with kicking off the now burgeoning cultural revival of downtown Monroe when he opened his gallery, Lost Bazaar, on N. 2nd St., a closed off alleyway that was officially renamed Art Alley in 2010. 

The Dragonfly Project

One of Williamson’s most prolific sculptures was the “Dragonfly” (formally located in Forsythe Park) was retired from public view in early 2014. In cooperation with the City of Monroe, the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council has begun fundraising efforts to restore the piece and help it "fly back home" near it's original landing place. We are excited to have this unique opportunity to introduce Edmund's work to a new generation, following in his footsteps to make art accessible and tangible.

In Edmund's own words: "I wanted to make something large that would last, something made from heavy-duty industrial materials. Serious materials for a piece of art that wouldn't be taking itself so seriously. This is public art, made to commemorate nothing other than life itself. Not that the dragonfly is unworthy of monument. They do, after all, eat mosquitoes and probably do deserve a place of honor here in Louisiana. But the purpose of this work is to be ornamental and embellish our community. And hopefully, it will introduce children to the possibilities of art and the improbabilities of nature."

-Edmund Nelson Williamson III, guest column, The News-Star, 1995

Donate Now!

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us restore and bring the Dragonfly home! Thank you in advance for your generous support that will allow us to give new life to an important piece of Region 8 public art history, while honoring an arts legend in the regional arts community.

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Want to learn more about Edmund?

  • Bayou Life Magazine's June 2024 Bayou Artist
    Bayou Life Magazine's June 2024 Bayou Artist

    "It’s been nearly 15 years since Edmund Williamson passed away, and the impact he made on Monroe and West Monroe, especially in the arts community, continues to be felt. He is perhaps most famous in Ouachita parish for his public art, including the Maypop in downtown Monroe, the Tomato Worm at the West Monroe Community Center, the Trenton Flowers on Antique Alley in West Monroe, and the Great Blue Heron at Restoration Park in West Monroe."

The Edmund Williamson Retrospective Virtual Gallery

The idea for a virtual retrospective exhibition was born alongside the plans for an in-person retrospective exhibition in our West Monroe office gallery. We put out a call for art for the exhibition during the early months of 2024 and were overwhelmed with the response, not just from local collectors, but also from collectors, friends and family from across the country all wishing to participate in honoring Edmund.

Knowing that there was no possible way to fit all of the pieces submitted, our team came up with the idea to catalogue and share them all here virtually. We hope to that this virtual gallery continues to grow as more folks learn about this project.

 To enlarge and read more about each piece, just click it with your cursor!