RUPAR is the acronym for Rural Underserved Presenters and Representatives. RUPAR is our regional presenting consortia and the only one of its kind in Louisiana and the Southeast United States. The consortia is comprised of the ten outlying parishes in Region 8. Representatives of the arts/arts interest organizations in those ten parishes use block-booking to present local, state, national, and international artists in small, rural venues. Joining the ten Region 8 parishes in this block-booking arrangement are the Lincoln Parish Library (Region 7) and Concordia Parish Library (Region 6). The Monroe Symphony Orchestra has on occasion joined in a block-book to present an artist with the Symphony. Other presenters in Louisiana and surrounding states have taken advantage of the block-booking.

Past artists: Mandy Harvey, Masters of Soul, Hallie Loren,William Florian, Caesar, Tanya Stambuk, Alison Brown Quartet, All American Boys Chorus, Joe Trio, Scruge McDuhk, Bending the Bows, Ahn Trio, Wood & Strings Puppet Theater, Robin Spielberb, Mark Nizer, Trout Fishing in America, Valdimir Zaitsev, Molasses Creek, Emil Pandolfi, and many more!

2020 Schedule:

Melissa Minyard

February 6th- 7pm- Concordia Parish Library

Andy Meadows Band

April 27th- TBA- Jackson Parish Library

April 28th- 6pm- Lincoln Parish Library

April 29th- TBA- Madison Parish Library

April 30th- 7pm- Concordia Parish Library

Victory Bells

June 10th- TBA within Region 8