Abigail Handy

Photographer & Visual Artist

Abigail Handy grew up in the small rural farm community of Collinston, Louisiana. A farm kid through and through, she developed a love for the arts when she discovered photography through her local 4-H club at age 11. With little to no access to further arts education during these informative years, she learned by trail and error, educating herself sitting on the floor of her local library reading about the how-to of film photography and by being “out in the field” with a borrowed 35mm Kodak. This started a lifelong obsession for black and white film photography, specifically the Dust Bowl era, as well as photojournalism. Those obsessions have driven her photography career over the last 20 years and heavily influences all of her work, be it fine art, still life, multi media or her documentary style family work. She has seen her work published as book covers, various local marketing campaigns & Louisiana publications.


Instagram: @ohthatabigail & @lightandfreefolk

Family Life & Wedding Work: www.lightandfreefolk.com/portfolio

Fine Art Gallery & Shop: www.lightandfreefolk.com/art

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